For all individuals individuals who’ve never labored together, recruitment agencies are a good mystery. Exactly what do they really do? Could they be worthwhile? What exactly are they to begin with? Companies? NGOs? Employers? Governmental organizations? A lot of questions… So let us obvious the environment a little.

To begin with, recruitment agencies are companies – fundamental and ordinary firms that have employees, that pay taxes which make profit (or at best attempt to since the niche is extremely difficult and competitive). Available on the market there’s a couple of global high rollers which are contained in several countries (like Lugera & Makler, Adecco, Trenkwalder), a couple of small agencies that specialize on the niche, are great in internet marketing and really make profit (like SAP recruitment) and many others which attempt to survive (but the majority of the occasions don’t).

A recruitment agency covers mainly two fundamental activities: helps candidates get a job helping others find good candidates for that open positions they’ve. So that they really are a mediator available on the market between candidates that look for jobs and firms that look for candidates. Most agencies (I personally use “most” because all individuals we’ve labored with made it happen, however i can’t bet that on the planet have been in exactly the same situation) offer mostly free websites to candidates and obtain compensated by companies only.

To some candidate, a recruitment agency provides the following services (fundamental services have the freedom):

– Receiving their resume and inserting it inside a database which will help look for candidates having a certain skill for agencies operating on a single market, levels of competition are huge simply because they finish up eventually having a similar database, so winning the customer will get tougher also, small unskilled agencies can’t contend with large ones which already have a big listing of candidates that they’ll search within a few minutes

– Enhancing the candidates develop a professional resume (sometimes compensated service)

– Assessing the candidate’s skills by making use of tests (IT, language, professional mental tests) or during interviews

– Offering improvement suggestions (sometimes compensated service) and offering to incorporate them in training or coaching sessions (also mostly compensated service)

– Delivering the candidate’s resume to employers who’ve open positions, based on needed skills (free service mostly)

– Providing the candidate feedback in situation of rejection or mediating the salary offering process (mostly free service).

To some company, a recruitment agency provides the following services:

– Search resumes within their database

– Publish ads on appropriate recruitment channels

– Interview and test candidates

– Propose the very best candidates for that available positions

– Replace candidates free of charge if candidate leaves or perhaps is being fired (on candidate’s fault) inside a certain time period limit (3-6 or maybe more several weeks based on position)

So how exactly does the candidate selection process work?

1. The customer from the recruitment agency opens a situation while offering it to one or more recruitment agencies, based on internal needs, policies or with respect to the signed contract backward and forward parties

2. The customer might be needed to pay for funding fee (employed for posting ads or initial time allocated to interviews). Fee isn’t came back. Based on initial agreement, this fee might be skipped along with a final success fee compensated rather (only when agency seems to fill the positioning using the appropriate candidate)

3. Agency posts ads, selects resumes, interviews candidates

4. Agency provides a final listing of top candidates towards the client

5. Client interviews final candidates while offering one or more

6. If position(s) is (are) covered, taxes are compensated and process stops else, recruitment process starts again. If several agencies work on a single position, the first ones to grow it will get the cash. The remainder just spend your time.

A recruitment agency works as with every other company. It’s a company. Its workers are recruiters (those who perform the actual recruitment and selection), sales agents (who look for clients and sign contracts – sometimes in small agencies sales agents will also be recruiters) and support people (like finance people, building maintenance, motorists, every other internal position necessary for an organization to operate efficiently).

I really hope the function of the recruitment agency is obvious now. For more questions, don’t hesitate to comment this publish.

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