As a child develops, their language ability also grows, and without this, development is certainly hampered. Research tells us that a child can be gifted in specific areas, which means they can also be very weak in other areas, and language plays a vital role in early learning, and any impediment needs to be remedied as soon as possible. Often, there are no outward signs that a child has a learning impediment, and some children are not forthcoming with such information, preferring to suffer in silence, and unless the parents recognise the problem, it will hinder the child’s development.

Private Tuition

This is by far the most effective way to improve the child’s language skills, and often, it only needs a few months of one on one instruction and the child is back on level terms again. If, for example, you are looking for a Sydney English tutor, there are online establishments that are dedicated to providing one on one tuition, either at their premises or your home, whichever you prefer. The tutor will be able to identify the language issue and work with the child to develop the necessary language skills, and by doing this at an early damage, no progress will be lost, and the child’s development will be back on track.

Identify and Strengthen

The private tutor would quickly identify the language issue, and in many cases, the problem is with hearing, rather than language, and once this is known, a trip to the specialist is called for. Children with hearing difficulties do not often realise this themselves, and in some cases, a cognitive issue is wrongly diagnosed.

Cognitive Testing

An experienced language instructor would be able to very quickly determine if the student has a language difficulty by conducting a series of cognitive tests with some listening exercises, and these would be tailored to the child’s age and level. A language impediment can be easily missed by a parent or classroom teacher, and the child will experience difficulties across all the subjects, and possibly in their day to day communication with those around them.

Talk to the Homeroom Teacher

If your child is experiencing language difficulties, this will certainly manifest itself in the classroom and by talking to the homeroom teacher, you will be able to come to a conclusion. Noticeable drops of test scores would be an indicator, although with early years learning, there are often no academic benchmarks as of yet. Even if the homeroom teacher has not noticed anything out of the ordinary, once they know the child is experiencing difficulties, they will be able to help.

Any language difficulty will seriously impede the child, and the sooner the problem is identified, the better. One on one language tuition is the perfect solution, as the language teacher is skilled in the art of identifying and addressing specific language issues, and if you do not know of such a teacher, an online search will put you in touch with the right school.