It doesn’t seem that long ago that your child first came into your lives, yet already, career bells are ringing and the child is ready to begin to explore a world without parents, well, at least for a few hours. If you are concerned or feeling guilty that you are designating day care, it is perfectly natural to feel that to some degree, yet it isn’t just your work that is calling, as your child is ready for the next stage of development, and if you select a suitable learning environment, your child will benefit in the following ways.

  1. A Safe and Secure Environment – Obviously, safety is a priority, and the ideal day care centre would have a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities that are suitable for all ages up to 7 years. The day care centre would have secure perimeters and only authorised people would be given access, and within would be furnishings and fittings suitable for young children. If you live in the UK, and are looking for a good day care centre, Sandfield Day Nursery in Nottingham ticks all the boxes, and with a pleasant environment and expert supervision, the children look forward to their daily experiences with their new found friends.
  1. Guided Activities – The best way for a young child to learn is with guided activities, which first model the action, then with controlled practice and repetition, the children learn essential skills through guided activities. As an example, a typical morning for a group of 3-5 year olds might include a show and tell, where each student brings something to school and shares the experience with their friends, followed by song and movement, which would last 15-20 minutes. Other activities would include storytelling and discussing the outcome and moral of the story, and with art, the children get to explore and develop their creativity.
  1. Social Skills Development – In order for a 7 year old to handle the first year of formal schooling, he or she needs to develop social skills, which can only be gained by mixing with others of similar age. This teaches a child to respect other people’s property and how to interact with others in a harmonious way, and with experienced supervisors and a team of early learning practitioners, the children would learn the essential life skills that enable us to live with others.
  1. Balanced Outlook – A day care centre might be part of a child’s daily routine for a year or two, and with the right guided instruction, the child understands the realities of life more, and with sound moral guidance, the child will be well-equipped to take on the first few years of early schooling.

The Internet can help you to source an established nursery when the time is right, and by surfing a few relevant websites, you should find a suitable day care centre for your child, and after a visit or two, you can focus on your career, safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving the right all round development.