CPA Networks in India has grown multifold with the recent years of Affiliate Marketing influence in e-commence industry. The current valuation of CPA Network in India is almost $1 billion. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), unlike Cost Per Action is a pricing model where the merchant pays the affiliate marketer for each complete acquisition. Acquisition can be termed as final completion of product sale and acquisition of shopper as a customer by the merchant. The payment by the merchant is done only after completion of the acquisition. This ensures that merchant pays only for successful conversions encouraging affiliates to share good referrals.

CPA Networks in India is growing by the hour and marketers are already looking for new ways to enhance their CPA networks. While there are number of means to promote the merchants’ product/services through CPA Networks in India; Here are some of the best ones

Relevant Website

Promoting an ad relevant to the genre of website will surely provide you better results than promoting it on other portals. Penetration of users on relevant posts on website are observed to be 70% better than other websites. Link to merchants’ products could be placed on the webpage in many forms.

Content is the King. Yesterday and Forever. Blog Posts are considered traditional but is still the most effective way to lure your reader into conversion. The article could be anything related to the product. Posting an article serves multiple purpose ranging from explaining your user about the product to keeping the freshness index up for your website.

Articles which are well optimized with the relevant keyword will also help the organic users land on your site who might end buying your merchants’ product.

Challenges: Converting users on a relevant website is though much better than other irrelevant websites. However, you still need to provide description about the merchant’s product/service to the user to make them go for it.

Gaming Site

Who doesn’t love games? People who play games online slowly associate with the game and the community online making them a very loyal visitor on the website. Their affinity to that particular game is such that they readily buy product or donate money for the game.

Acquisition for Gaming Sites could be in form of pro-packages or associated games. Getting people to buy your product through a game site is the easiest way to enhance your CPA Network in India.

Challenges: Building a gaming site a tough because you need to build those heavy pages in such a way that they have very short load time. This will ensure users to stay on that website and increase the time on site. Longer the user stays on your site, the longer it will make him trust you.

Tool Site

This one works very smooth because users that come on such website are looking to download the required tool. Tool Sites are those which provide users the free version of tools available online. These tools could range from system tools to online google chrome extension for better user-friendly surfing.

While CPA Network is expected to be very effective on websites which cater huge number of visitors, websites such as Tools sites, provide a better conversion of leads into customers. Thus, tools is often preferred over other sites of similar traffic.


We have made clear that conversion of Tool sites is better than websites of similar traffic. However, getting traffic on tool websites are difficult because of the stiff competition in the market. Keeping the page optimized and user SEO friendly content will surely help you but you may also need to focus on your off-page SEO for that page to cater healthy traffic.


Facebook is considered one of the best places to market your product right now. The engaging high traffic of 10 billion per month on Facebook makes it a sweet spot for merchants and affiliate marketers around. It is unarguably the best website to enhance your CPA Network in India.

Challenges: Though engaging, you need to make your post visible to the users. Though facebook avails option to promote your post but it is advisable to go by the organic method.

CPA Networks in India are slowly growing and marketers are looking for just the right thing that would enhance their Cost per acquisition networks in India. All the listed channels will help you grow your CPA Network in a way you won’t have ever imagined.