It takes time to really learn any language.  Even your native tongue: it took many years of listening and hearing sounds before some words began to make sense in your brain. Obviously, we learn this native tongue as babies, so the process of learning the language is somewhat passive and we get results by the time we need to be able to communicate. We learn to speak, essentially, by copying sounds, movements, and expressions from our parents, other children, from siblings and other relatives.

Learning a second language, though, is often much more difficult. Part of that difficulty, of course, comes out of interference caused by your native tongue.  Our cognitive language skills—our inherent and apparent awareness—have become so ingrained that it is hard to think in different verbiage.

There are many ways to learn a new language, though.  If you wanted to learn to speak English, for example, it may be easier to take specialized classes that help you get the right type of exposure and experience. Much of the English language is contextual and social, so learning these cues can be just as important as understanding the various linguistic roots that comprise this extremely complex lexicon.


And the best way to get this real-life experience—aside from real-life, of course—is through Institut Linguistique cours d’anglais group classes.  The English language is so diverse because there are several nuanced dialects rooted in two different continental language systems. This makes it very hard for a non-native speaker to know which styles to access.  Group classes, then, can provide a non-native English speaker with different speech patterns, accents, and word variations that will make it a little easier to maneuver the vast English speaking world.


Of course, a little one-on-one time is important too.  No matter what you are studying—from a new language to astronomy to electrical engineering—there is no equivalent to a little personal attention.  When you take private lessons—either along with your group classes or after those sessions are complete—you vastly improve your understanding of the language and your ability to communicate in that language effectively. Basically, when you take a private class you will get more opportunities to converse in that language than you would get in a group learning setting.