At first, you will feel excited about the idea of going to study overseas. You want to learn a new language or immerse yourself in a different culture. You want to make new friends and at least be away from the same environment that you have had for several years. However, as soon as you arrive in the country, you will start missing home. Of course, you are already there, and you can’t decide to leave because you miss home. These tips will help you get through this emotional problem and complete your study trip.

Find out what causes homesickness

What triggers your homesickness? Is there someone you wish to talk to or meet again? Identifying the reason will help you process your emotions. You can’t brush this feeling off in the hope that things will be okay again the next day.

Speak with your family

These days, using modern technology, it does not matter where you are. You will feel connected with your family. You can use your mobile device to call them any time you miss them. It is not like in the past where you felt like you were oceans apart during your entire study trip. Also, let your family know how much you miss them instead of pretending that everything is fine.

Keep familiar things around

Before you leave home, you need to pack things that remind you of home. It can be a small pillow that you always have in your bed. It can also be a stuffed toy that is in your bedroom. It could be clothes that someone gave to you. When these things remind you of home, you will start feeling safe.

Talk to someone

Don’t be shy about telling someone how you feel. Talking to someone will help release your negative emotions and allow a sigh of relief. It can be someone from school whom you met or someone from your host family. The good thing with some study trips, like the ones in London, is that there are host families for students. They are your temporary family, and they will make you feel like you are home. Let them know that you miss your real home, and they will try their best to help.

Keep a journal

If you can’t share with anyone how you feel, you can write it in a journal. You are sharing it with yourself, but the idea that you are releasing it will help you with your emotions. You can express everything that you want in your journal.

Keep yourself busy

When there is a lot on your plate, you will start forgetting home. Focus on things that keep you busy. It includes your academics and the requirements you need to submit. You can also join after-school programmes like arts and sports. You can enrol in a gym to exercise any time you want.

Using these tips, you will soon forget about your feelings, and you will start getting excited about what will happen next.